Would going concern rating become an alternative creditworthiness standard?

Given the current divergence on going concern guidance in both accounting and auditing regulations and reliance of ICAAP, or economic capital adaequacy assessment in Pillar 2, on the assumption of going concern, it appears that going concern rating could potentially emerge as a new independent practice in the financial reporting supply chain.  For more information, please read my articles at http://www.palgrave-journals.com/jdg/journal/v8/n4/abs/jdg201115a.html and http://www.harrisonstone.com/going-concern-assessment/would-going-concern-rating-resolve-the-regulatory-impasse-on-going-concern-assessment/.


About Simon Hu

Simon Hu is an independent economist who recently developed a revolutionary economic theory called going concern economics that would resolve the current global economic malaise and political chaos.
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